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Welcome To Deviant Constrictors

At Deviant Constrictors, there are two primary goals. The first is to locate, obtain, and raise the finest Guyanese Boa Constrictors in the US. Many years and considerable expense have been spent to achieve this goal. The second primary goal is to reproduce and make available the exceptional offspring of those animals.

As a visitor to this site, you should expect to find some of the most beautiful, bold, and eye catching examples of Guyanese BCC anywhere. Each animal is carefully selected for the qualities that make it unique, as well as an excellent representative of it's country of origin, and for many, it's locality. The BCC at Deviant Constrictors are a testament to the variability found in nature.

It is a deeply held belief that each boa cannot reach its full potential until it is completely healthy, secure, and its needs are met. The reward to the keeper is immeasurable, but can be experienced by holding these wonderful boas in hand and feeling the strength they possess, the behaviors they exhibit, and seeing the myriad of colors, contrast, and patterns of each unique boa.

Please explore this website and the associated albums. My hope is that by visiting, you'll gain, or grow your appreciation for the Boa Constrictor Constrictor from Guyana.